Goals And Objectives

    Our Goals

    • Support the focus groups to improve the level of education, economic status and increased access to health services through technical support, capacity enhancement and advocacy.
    • Support the target groups to ensure social rights and increased access to legal services through awareness, advocacy and capacity enhancement
    • Increase the identity of the organization at national level with adequate physical, financial and human resources.

    Our Objectives

    • To motivate women, children and illiterate youth towards formal and informal education and provide maternity and nutrition education and also advocate for their right to education.
    • To ensure the living standard of target group through technical support by utilizing local resources, training for skill transfer to create self-employment and provide support to increase access to resources, access of market etc.
    • To create awareness through training and other medium on women rights, legal provision, human right and increase the level of awareness of awareness on women violence through access to legal services.
    • To develop skilled manpower by providing capacity enhancement activity.
    • Maximum management of internal and external resources.
    • Good rapport building and coordination with government and national and international non-government organization.